3/4/12- Burpee Over Box Jumps

It was another busy Monday. Including the coaches and Essentials class we had 47 athletes workout in here. That’s a pretty impressive turnout considering our total membership is in the mid-60s. One of these days I want to see every single athlete come through the door for a WOD. That would be awesome! In addition to some newbies working out, we want to welcome back Shaye after her hawaiian vacation as well as welcome back our A.M. warrior Kevin!

Now about that WOD. First you do a burpee. Then you do a box jump. Then you jump to the other side of the box. Repeat. Burpee over box jumps are a real treat, especially when they’re the meat and potatoes of a 20 minute AMRAP that also includes Wall Balls and V-Ups. Athlete of the day goes to Chela for having the top score on the board and for getting A2G on each rep for the Wall Balls.

For the Threshold side we did a 20min AMRAP of 3 exercises: Goblet Squats, Ring Rows, and KB Swings. You used the same KB for your Goblet Squats as you used for your KB Swings. Great job by Jaime U to get through 14 rounds and change! Nice job!

Tomorrow. 5PM. Go to the crossfit mainsite and you will see the announcement of the 1st WOD for the 2013 CF Open! What is it going to be this year? Nobody outside of CrossFit HQ knows. Be prepared for anything!!!

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