Calvin K. III

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As a former high school offensive lineman used to eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, I struggled with my weight throughout college. Upon graduation I returned home to Kirkland and began to look for a job, and decided to put my extra time to good use. My mom began adhering to the paleo diet, and we decided to try CrossFit after hearing so much about it. We called several gyms and signed up for the Essentials program not knowing entirely what to expect. Enrolling in those 3 classes turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.


Within a month of joining, I was hooked and came to the gym almost every day. I immediately began to notice a change in my body composition as well as my mental state. I had a generally more positive attitude and drastically increased self confidence in myself on account of my improved physique and strength which increased daily. I have been at LWCF at least four times a week for the last 9 months, and it has become a time of the day to which I always look forward.


The environment at Lake Washington CrossFit is inviting and dynamic. We all take joy in each other’s successes and encourage others to push past their own limits on a daily basis. Clark, Nick, and the other coaches have created an atmosphere where all goals are attainable. The emphasis they place on form and progression minimizes the risk of injury, and the coaches keep the health of each athlete as their highest priority.


I am so grateful to have found this group of people who have become my close friends. Thank you to my coaches and fellow athletes who help me get better every day and pushed me to be in the best shape of my life. I encourage everyone to come find out in person how friendly, accepting, and motivated the LWCF community is.

Calvin K. III aka Tre