Katie F.

photo 1I didn’t start CrossFit because I thought I would enjoy working out. I just wanted to be stronger and faster for all of the outdoor activities I love: skiing, hiking, kayaking, climbing, etc. Despite enjoying these things, I definitely wasn’t an athlete. And although I had several friends who’d seen awesome results with CrossFit, it still took months before I decided to check out Lake Washington CrossFit. It just seemed so intimidating!

Finally dragging myself through the door was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I wish I hadn’t waited so long! The coaching is excellent, and the camaraderie from the other athletes is awesome. It turns out no one cares how much weight you’re lifting or how fast you’re going. They just respect you for trying your hardest.

I don’t go to the gym because I feel like I have to work out every day. I go to cheer on my friends. I go to find out what I can do today that I couldn’t do yesterday. But mostly, I go because it’s fun – and I definitely never saw that coming!

– Katie F