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Coach Kat Garibay

All fitness-related credentials & accomplishments:

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • CrossFit Kids Certification

  • Krav Maga Worldwide Certified Fitness Instructor


How long have you been coaching?

I have been a CrossFit athlete since 2012. I started coaching fitness in some capacity since 2014. I got my Level 1 Certification in CrossFit in September of 2016. I guess you could say that CrossFit has been my longest relationship ;)


Why CrossFit?
I found CrossFit by accident. I was working at a Krav Maga gym in Los Angeles and the fitness director had just integrated CrossFit as form of endurance training for self-defense. When I first observed the class, I saw a group of bad-ass women moving barbells. I had never even lifted a barbell before. The first time I did it was the most empowering feeling I had ever felt. CrossFit changed my life. It gave me a sense of accountability and taught me to love myself and my body's incredible capacity for strength and adaptation. It gave me direction and purpose at a time when I had none. I became a coach because I want to share that feeling of empowerment with women and men. My goal as a coach is to help people change their lives through fitness. I want all the athletes at Lake Washington CrossFit to use CrossFit as a tool to help them build a healthy lifestyle for themselves outside of the gym. I want our athletes to be better sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters because CrossFit has shown them that they have the capacity for continued growth and development not only in their bodies, but in their spirits. I believe in CrossFit for life. 


Favorite Modality or Benchmark workout and why

My favorite modality is Gymnastics, of course! Your body has this incredible strength and ability to move itself though time and space. Gymnastics helps build character, and who doesn't love being upside down? 

My favorite benchmark is Grace. Give me a heavy barbell and make me move it quickly, I'll be there with bells on.


Favorite Cheat Food/Meal

A double bacon, cheese, guacamole, mushroom, jalapeno, kitchen sink hamburger and waffle fries.


What is a song you can find on your workout playlist? 
(What can a member expect to hear when you are coaching?)

If you are coming to train and I am on the floor, it is likely that I will be playing "uns uns" music (as Jess Gunkler likes to call it). It's either that or Dolly Parton on throwback Thursday (Ty loves it).


Best advice to a new prospective member trying CrossFit
for the first time.

Whatever type of fitness you choose to do, you should love doing it. CrossFit makes my heart sing and has kept it singing for 7 years. Choose a gym that you look forward to going to every day. Fitness is not a chore that has to be checked off. You have an incredible opportunity every day to change your life for the better. CrossFit is how I take advantage of that opportunity. I hope you find your opportunity here with us at Lake Washington CrossFit. 

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