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Coach Drew Paris

All fitness-related credentials & accomplishments:

  • CrossFit Level 1


How long have you been coaching?

I am coming up on 3 years


Why CrossFit?
I am very competitive and I like to be challenged. There’s always something you are not good at in CrossFit. There’s always an opportunity to be better.


Favorite Modality or Benchmark workout and why

I gravitate towards metabolic conditioning that tend to be on the longer side. I love pace workouts but, my favorite is Jackie. It’s lightweight, simple, and crushes you.


Favorite Cheat Food/Meal

I’m actually pretty strict in my dieting but I have 2 weaknesses: Pizza and the chili lime Trader Joe’s tali’s. Eat at your own risk. They will change your life


What is a song you can find on your workout playlist? 
(What can a member expect to hear when you are coaching?)

I have a wide mix of songs on my list so be prepared for a bit of confusion. Just go with it though. Music shouldn’t dictate your effort, it should only help fill the void of your negative thoughts.


Best advice to a new prospective member trying CrossFit
for the first time.

Have an open mind and be willing to learn. There is so much available to you in terms of new skills and techniques. Embrace the community we have at LWCF. It is filled with some of the best human beings I have come to know in my lifetime. 

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