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What IS CrossFit?

At Lake Washington CrossFit, we believe that fitness can and should be measured to show progress, not just as a number on a scale but as measurable, observable and repeatable data. In CrossFit we define fitness as increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. We accomplish this by using CrossFit’s prescription for exercise which is constantly varied functional movements performed at a relatively high intensity. In other words, our program is intended to make our athletes better inside and outside the gym, and we measure our progress to ensure that. Whether you want to get better on the field, or just to move better, feel better and look better CrossFit can get you there.

Are all CrossFit gyms the same?

No. CrossFit has over 4,500 affiliates worldwide. These are local, small businesses that share the philosophies of CrossFit and legally license the CrossFit name. Many times that is where the similarities end. Each of these affiliates has a unique style and culture. There is one whose style and personality complements yours. As you search for an affiliate that is right for you, you should ask a lot of questions. There are great affiliates with great coaches that aren’t necessarily a great fit for everyone.

What makes LWCF unique?

LWCF is different in three important ways; Coaching, Convenience and Community Coaching: We have two full-time coaches and a dedicated staff whose sole purpose is to ensure consistently excellent coaching and athlete experience. Learn more about our coaches here. Convenience: We are currently the only CrossFit affiliate in King County with a daily open schedule format. This doesn’t mean you just do whatever you want in the gym, it simply means you can come in any time we are open – you don’t have to plan your commute or day around your workout. When you get here we will have a warm up, skill, and workout programmed for you to do at the direction of our coaches. You don’t have to think about anything, just show up. Community: Every CrossFit community is unique and we happen to think ours is pretty awesome. We are welcoming, inclusive, dedicated and like to have a lot of fun. If you decide to join our community, don’t be surprised when you develop great relationships and start hanging out with our athletes and coaches outside the gym.

What is your class schedule?

We are set up differently than many CrossFit affiliates, in fact we are currently the only CrossFit affiliate in King County operating with a daily open schedule format. This unique concept simply means you can come in any time we are open. You don’t have to arrive within a 5-minute window to start a class, so you don’t have to plan your commute or day around your workout. When you arrive we will have a warm up, skill session, and workout programmed for you to complete under the guidance and motivation of our coaches. You don’t have to think about anything, just show up. We still have the high-energy atmosphere that CrossFit is well known for, it is our dedicated coaching staff that allows us to operate with maximum flexibility for our athletes. This open schedule concept started as an experiment, the feedback we received from our athletes is why we continue to operate this way; our athletes love it.

* See our calendar / hours on "Our Schedule" page under the "Get Started" tab in the main menu. *

What should I expect from my intro session?

We aren’t going to expect you to do anything without giving you the tools and information you need to be successful first. Before we start your intro workout, it is important that we cover some basics. When you come in for your scheduled free one-hour intro session we will start our by discussing any thoughts and concerns you have, and answer any questions that might be on your mind. We will teach you what CrossFit is, and then guide you through a warm up and workout. If you prefer, bring one or two friends to try it with you.

Should I get in shape before starting CrossFit?

No – Being a beginner can actually be a benefit because there are less bad movement habits to break. Every movement and exercise that we do in CrossFit can be scaled and modified to fit your current fitness level. We have members that range from 13 to 70+ with a fitness range from complete novice to competitive athlete. Come in for a free intro session and experience it for yourself; the intimidation fades away very quickly.

How many times per week should I work out?

Every individual is different, but we suggest our athletes work out with us a minimum of three times each week. There are two main reasons that three is the magic number. First, at three times per week your adaptations to the training are far greater than at two times. Second, you can expect to be sore when you start and from time to time as you continue with CrossFit. You will be significantly less sore if you workout three times in a week than if you workout twice.

How intense are the workouts?

Intensity is relative to the individual, we will not ask you to do anything you are not ready for or capable of doing. Intensity is great, but not at the expense of mechanics or quality of movement. It is important to understand what role intensity plays and its importance. Intensity is the variable in an exercise program that most directly relates to positive adaptations (changes) in the body. We want to take full advantage of this, so our workouts are relatively short in duration and relatively intense. We will motivate you to try new things and push yourself. Ultimately the intensity you put into your workouts is totally up to you.

How long are the workouts?

CrossFit defines fitness as “increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains.” This means that our workouts will range in time, but typically our workouts last less than 30 minutes. We program our workouts so that on a typical day our athletes can be in and out of the gym within 45 minutes to an hour. This time includes doing a full warm-up, skill session and workout. Our athletes can choose to stay longer and work on additional things, this is one of the benefits of having an open schedule format – we won’t kick you out when the hour is over.

Am I going to be sore?

Probably. Any time you start a new fitness program, you can expect some soreness - and CrossFit is no different. Soreness is typically the worst in the first two weeks, then with consistency in your workouts, your body will adapt and the soreness will lessen.

How long does it take to get results?

Every individual is different and your results will be dependent on the effort you put in. We have seen some pretty incredible results in our gym, and in very short timeframes.

Can you help me lose weight?

A good exercise program along with proper nutrition is essential to healthy weight loss. The results we see with CrossFit are broad, general and inclusive – weight loss and decreased body fat is one of these adaptations. Nutrition plays a key role in weight loss, we will make sure you have the information and tools to successfully reach your goals both inside the gym and at the table.

I'm worried about getting hurt; how do you prevent injury?

Though injury can never be totally prevented, we take steps to reduce the potential for injury in our gym. Our goal is to help you continuously improve your fitness, being sidelined due to injury is a huge step in the wrong direction. As a coaching staff, we have worked hard to make sure our progressions set our athletes up for success, not injury. Having a defined progression for our athletes has helped us minimize the injury potential in our workouts. We make sure our athletes have the knowledge and movement patterns to consistently be successful in an exercise before we increase the intensity. “Mechanics, Consistency, Then and Only Then Intensity.” – Greg Glassman

I can't do some of the movements; is CrossFit still right for me?

Can’t isn’t a word that we accept – in fact saying it in our gym will earn you 10 burpees as a penalty. If you aren’t able to do some of the full movements you’re not alone, many of our athletes aren’t able to do full pull ups, push ups or various weightlifting movements when they walk in our doors. Every movement and exercise that we do can be modified or scaled to allow you to be successful, regardless of your current fitness level – its all about the progression. Our Coaching Director Clark was introduced to CrossFit after a serious knee injury and surgery. At that time he wasn’t able to run, fully squat or anything that required lower body strength. Like others, he modified workouts to push himself within his limitations. This is a successful prescription which has been repeated countless times to progress our athletes.

What is your drop-in policy?

If you are an experienced CrossFitter and are in town for the day (or week) come on in. Our drop-in rate is $20 per day. Stop by anytime we are open, and stay as long as you would like. We look forward to meeting you!

Is Coach Nick REALLY that cool?

Unequivocally yes. Chuck Norris has a picture of Nick on his binder. Nick sold his soul to the devil for his rugged good looks and unparalleled ability to rock. Shortly after the transaction, Nick punched the devil in the face and took his soul back. The devil, who appreciates irony, couldn’t stay mad and admitted he should have seen it coming. They now play poker every second Wednesday of the month. If you still don’t believe it, just ask him – he will tell you how cool he really is.

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