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Its not just about strength, but you will get STRONGER.
Its not just about speed, but you will get FASTER.
Its about living healthy, and developing the BETTER ATHLETE IN YOU!

We believe that CrossFit, as an exercise program, can be a
safe and effective fitness program for anyone regardless of
current physical condition. Whether you are an elite athlete,
a couch potato, a grandparent or are recovering from an
injury, CrossFit is potentially the right program for you.

CrossFit by definition calls for workouts that are “constantly varied,
functional movements, performed at a relatively high intensity.”  
No part of that is inherently dangerous, and just as any program
the safety and efficacy of the program depends on how it is
applied to each individual.  To ensure a positive experience for
athletes of all skills and abilities, we developed a progression which all of our athletes go through.

When we opened Lake Washington CrossFit in 2012, we did it with the intention of being able to utilize CrossFit as a tool to benefit people of all fitness levels.  We have developed our programs with that in mind and have found great success and results in doing so.  We refer to all of our members as athletes. We have athletes who vary greatly in age and ability, we are all getting better each day on our path to our true fitness potential.

We are a community.  We require our athletes and coaches to check their egos at the door.  We aim to hold ourselves and our athletes accountable in our shared commitment to excellence.  We enthusiastically support the goals of all our athletes and expect nothing but effort and respect in return.  We are often competitive, always supportive, and like to have a lot of fun.

Our coaching staff includes backgrounds in sport-specific strength and conditioning, physical therapy, personal training, and olympic lifting prior to being involved with CrossFit.  With such diverse backgrounds, we do things a little differently than what you may expect.

We welcome the opportunity to show you around, answer your questions and introduce you to our coaches and athletes.  If it feels like the right place, great!  We will help you get started.

Sound awesome?
Want to know more? Contact us.  

We're here to answer any questions you have.  Shoot us an e-mail right now!

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