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Our Athletes' Stories

I walked into Lake Washington CrossFit with the intent to try this “CrossFit thing” our son was so passionate about and give it a 90 day trial. Here I am nearly 18 months later..more convinced than ever this was the best decision I could have made for my mental and physical health.

I am well over 60 and had many doubters…comments like. “Why would you do this”  or ” you will hurt yourself” or ” this is way too intense and a young person’s sport”. I am here to challenge all those doubters.  I love the variety of the workouts..the support of the best coaches anywhere…like having a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

I love the positive attitude and encouragement of every member. I love  that I am not the oldest one at the gym, that I can  now dead lift my body weight, do 150 unbroken sit ups, almost do a real push up and row 2000 meters without passing out. I have more energy, less stress and the motivation to get out of bed at 6:30 am even on a cold day to join my CF friends. Do this for will be amazed at your potential!

- Mary Ann -


I had spent the last 12 years struggling with my weight and diet.  I had tried at home personal training, big box gyms with trainers, and 4x a week personal training at David Barton gym in 2011 for 10 months.  I had tried Weight Watcher’s online, Weight Watcher’s meetings, vegetarian diet and even eating vegan.  I could lose 5-10 lbs. but couldn’t keep it off.  I got so frustrated I even ordered SENSA, a chemical weight loss aid, from Costco. When ,of course, that didn’t work, I had started to think that at 54 I was destined to be overweight like the rest of most middle-aged women.

Through serendipity, the author one of the blogs I read “ What I Wore,” posted about her results with the Whole 30 program.  I ordered the book and began my journey into the world of the Paleo diet.  I read several books (Rob Wolfe) and gave it a try.  I started the Whole 30 in late April 2013.  I had dropped 20 lbs. by June.  As I kept reading the blogs about Paleo, CrossFit kept coming up and I was curious.

I was really scared to even consider CrossFit because my only real life exposure was a much younger cousin who posted her picture online while she was doing a one-arm handstand on a kettle bell, which was  and is significantly above my capability.  Her advice was to check out several gyms and find the one where you like the people.  That seemed pretty vague.

Lake Washington CrossFit was the first gym that I researched online that didn’t have any scary stories or reviews.  So in late June of 2013, I walked in the door and signed up for the Essentials program.   I started slowly three days a week, tried my best each day and just kept working.   I loved it.  The coaching was amazing.  Each day was different and for the first time in my life I started looking forward to coming to the gym, anxious to see how I could compete with others.  The unusual open gym format made it so convenient.  I now go to the gym five days a week and have had amazing results in my body composition.

I have lost 35 lbs; I feel fantastic and love shopping in my own closet for clothes.  The most unexpected part of my experience is the community of Lake Washington CrossFit.  Clark and Nick are a perfect  team of coaches, encouraging and inspiring. I feel that I am getting 5+ hours of personal training each week for a fraction of the cost I have paid in the past. I see weekly gains in strength and movement.   The diverse age group at the gym is such a delight.  Everyone is inspiring: we are all at different levels, but the support is so motivating.  Joining this gym has to be one of my best decisions and I am looking forward to a happy and healthy 2014.  Thanks Lake Washington CrossFit.

- Beth M. -


As a former high school offensive lineman used to eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, I struggled with my weight throughout college. Upon graduation I returned home to Kirkland and began to look for a job, and decided to put my extra time to good use. My mom began adhering to the paleo diet, and we decided to try CrossFit after hearing so much about it. We called several gyms and signed up for the Essentials program not knowing entirely what to expect. Enrolling in those 3 classes turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.


Within a month of joining, I was hooked and came to the gym almost every day. I immediately began to notice a change in my body composition as well as my mental state. I had a generally more positive attitude and drastically increased self confidence in myself on account of my improved physique and strength which increased daily. I have been at LWCF at least four times a week for the last 9 months, and it has become a time of the day to which I always look forward.


The environment at Lake Washington CrossFit is inviting and dynamic. We all take joy in each other’s successes and encourage others to push past their own limits on a daily basis. Clark, Nick, and the other coaches have created an atmosphere where all goals are attainable. The emphasis they place on form and progression minimizes the risk of injury, and the coaches keep the health of each athlete as their highest priority.


I am so grateful to have found this group of people who have become my close friends. Thank you to my coaches and fellow athletes who help me get better every day and pushed me to be in the best shape of my life. I encourage everyone to come find out in person how friendly, accepting, and motivated the LWCF community is.

- Calvin K. III (aka Tre) -


A year ago today I made the biggest investment of my life so far.  I joined Lake Washington CrossFit.  In the last year CrossFit and the Lake Washington CrossFit community has made me a more confident and happy individual. I am not only in the best shape of my life but it has introduced me to some of the best people I know.  Networking with our community has put me into a new career as well as hooked me up with some awesome roommates. I want to thank my cousin Anthony for dragging my sorry ass to the gym, and coaches Nick and Clark for their help in building my solid foundation for not only athletics but for life as well. 2013 was a life changer but it doesn’t stop there.

LWCF is the best investment I have ever made in my entire life. Because of this community, I am in the best shape of my life, I have networked into an awesome career path, made life long friends and I have two awesome roommates who were introduced to me in the gym. Not to mention my mom is happy because I am living a healthy lifestyle and staying out of trouble.

- Ryan J. -


Where you choose to go is entirely dependent on what your lifestyle is.  Lake Washington CrossFit happened to be in my area, but this particular CrossFit gym allows for an open format that can accommodate the busiest lifestyle.  I began my CrossFit journey at LWCF in August 2013.  During this time, I’ve not only seen a big change physically but also mentally.  


CrossFit allows you to get to know yourself.  You’ll learn your weaknesses and it’ll make you furious but you’ll learn your strengths as well and that’s what keeps you coming back every day.  The coaches, Clark and Nick, are very knowledgeable in every aspect of CrossFit.  If you have an injury, they’ll help you through it.  Unable to do a kipping pull up when you first begin? Just don’t say “I can’t,” and they’ll give you modifications to get there.  Every person has a different goal coming in - but knowing you are surrounded by athletes who are equally as dedicated, if not more so, is inspiring.

- Kasey B.-


I walked into Lake Washington CrossFit a former athlete who spent all her time sitting in front of a computer.  My goal was to get back into my size 6 jeans.  Little did I know that less than a year later, I would have blown past that goal after losing over 47 pounds.  I tossed all my size 10 jeans, moved right past the size 6s and into size 2s.

I was able to cut my prescription medications in half, even eliminating a few health problems.  I reclaimed my athlete title when I competed in the CrossFit Open in 2012, less than a year after my first CrossFit WOD.  These days I’m able to handle stress better, I sleep better, I look better, I feel better, and I’m a lot more fun to be around.

There has been a total transformation in my life and I owe it to what CrossFit has given me.  I’ve turned into an evangelist for LWCF – bringing in friends, my husband, and even my mom. 


Try it.  You will be hooked after the first WOD.

- Kate S.-

Beth M
Mary Ann
Ryan J
Kasey B
Kate S
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