Coach Ron Allen

All fitness-related credentials & accomplishments:

  • ​CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


How long have you been coaching?
Since 2018

Why CrossFit?
Like a lot of people, one of my friends talked me into attending a complimentary session. It was miserable and made me realize this: if a workout like that could devastate me, I had really let myself go. At first I came out of discipline, then I came for the community.


Favorite Modality or Benchmark workout and why

Without a doubt, "Annie" is my favorite benchmark for several reasons: 1.) it takes a level of skill to do double-unders and is a reward for the dedication of learning to do a movement well; 2.) there is no advantage to being male, female, tall, or short; and 3.) it is completed for time and the better you get, the less time it takes.


Favorite Cheat Food/Meal
Vegan poutine at the Wayward Cafe in Seattle. Get it with country gravy and add a little hot sauce. Seriously, do this as soon as possible.

What is a song you can find on your workout playlist? 
(What can a member expect to hear when you are coaching?)

When I coach, expect to hear yourself think, because I play the music at a reasonable volume. Also, expect mostly 90s and mostly kick ass girl bands.


Best advice to a new prospective member trying CrossFit
for the first time.

This is a sport that you can do for your entire life and always find some way to improve. Get to know the other athletes and accept your first fist bumps with pride.